Episode 29: Immigration Resources

Shortly after we released our podcast episode discussing further the Trump administration's policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the border, President Trump signed an executive order reversing that policy. However, what the Trump administration is really proposing is replacing family separation with family detention. Not only that, but the executive order says nothing about how to reunite the over 2,000 children that have already been separated from their parents. Below are several articles that explain in greater detail Trump's new executive order and what it is trying to accomplish in the context of our current immigration system.

Below is a list of several organizations supporting children and migrants at the border that people can volunteer with or donate money to. For an even more comprehensive list of organizations you can support, check out this Slate article.

  • CARA is a consortium of of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, the American Immigration Council, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association that is providing legal services at family detention centers
  • The Florence Project is offering free legal services to people, including unaccompanied minors, in immigration custody in Arizona
  • Kids In Need of Defense is working to make sure that children do not appear in immigration court without representation, and lobbies for children's legal interests
  • Pueblo Sin Fronteras provides humanitarian aid and shelter to migrants and refugees trying to make it to the US
  • RAICES is offering free and low-cost legal services to immigrant children and families in Texas
  • Finally, ActBlue has created a fund you can donate to where your donation will be split amongst 12 organizations supporting migrant children at the border

Episode 15: Syrian Aid Resources

In our episode detailing the devastating Syrian conflict, we painted a pretty bleak picture of the crisis, and the daunting challenges facing how we can resolve the conflict, and eventually rebuild the country. Nonetheless, there are organizations large and small that are involved in crucial humanitarian work on the ground in Syria. We've listed a variety of organizations below where you can direct resources to literally save and improve lives.

Direct Aid Organizations Operating in Syria

  • Hand in Hand for Syria: Provides emergency provisions and works with Syrian communities to rebuild their quality of life.
  • Islamic Relief USA: Provides food, medical aid and other important provisions to Syrians in need, both within Syria and refugees in neighboring countries.
  • Karam Foundation: Works to rebuild schools and administer educational programs to education Syrian children.
  • Project Amal ou Salam: Grassroots organization that sponsors music, art, sports, and team-building workshops for Syrian refugee children.
  • Syrian American Medical Society: Provides emergency medical services and training to people in need within Syria, as well as refugees in surrounding countries.
  • White Helmets: A volunteer civilian response organization that conducts search and rescues in response to bombings, medical evacuations and emergency service delivery.

InGOS Operating in Syria

Episode 14: Gun Control Resources

Episode 3: Net Neutrality Resources