The vision of the Radical Bureaucrats is to create a sustainable progressive movement to advocate and promote policies and candidates that work towards the benefit of the many, and not the few.


The past several years has dealt devastating blows to the advancement of progressive policies. The rise of the Tea Party, the Citizens United decision, and myriad other factors have consistently shifted political discourse to the right. This is evident by the fact that both parties continue to rely on the campaign contributions of Wall Street and other mega-rich donors to maintain political relevance.

What our losses have taught us in recent years is that this strategy is not working. Policies that benefit the many will not be served by relying on the “charity” of the few. Nor will they be realized if organizations, communities, and advocacy groups continue focusing solely on “their issue” without understanding that the problems that keep us from true equality are deeply intertwined, and that require interdisciplinary solutions. We cannot simply address economic inequality and ignore the oppression of marginalized communities, nor can we achieve social justice without grappling with the economic conditions that have led to the highest levels of inequality since the 1920s.

For far too long, politicians claiming to serve the people have, at best, wavered in that conviction, and at worst, insidiously used such rhetoric to do precisely the opposite. Piecemeal policies are deemed signs of progress, while widely supported initiatives such as a living wage, single-payer healthcare, and sensible gun safety regulations are considered “impractical.” The Radical Bureaucrats believe there is a better way. We choose to unapologetically advocate for an evidenced-based, progressive platform that serves the many, and not the few. We seek to anchor this platform in the values of solidarity, community, equity, and justice.